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Contract №0024/2003


Contract purpose. Obligations.
Certain time periods and Agent commission percentage.
Force-Majeur (unforeseen situations).
Troubleshooting, resolving conflict situations and argues.
Business taxation.
Contract activation.
Parties signatures.

Contract purpose. Obligations.
          Contract purpose. This Contract indicates installation and regulation of financial relations between ‘Electro - Technical Developments’ (ETD), Russia, hereinafter Company and undersigned _________________________________________________________________,  hereinafter Agent.

          Company selects and authorizes Agent to act on Company behalf and take part in business transactions being a local Company representative in United States.

1. According to this Contract, Agent is obliged to:
1.1.    Accept funds transferred in a result of sale conducted by Company in a form of cashier’s check, money order or Paypal system transaction.
1.2.    Further cashing:
1.2.1.    If Agent receives the funds into his Paypal account he needs to transfer them to the bank account to get the cash.
1.2.2.    If funds are received as a check or money order, Agent will need to deposit this check to his bank account or cash money order.
1.3.    Prepare and send money to Company using one of the following options:
1.3.1.    International wire transfer.
1.3.2.    Western Union, Moneygram or alike.
1.3.3.    Any other mutually agreed and confirmed way of transfer.
1.4.    Amount of money to be sent is calculated as an incoming transfer value minus Paypal commission, Agent commission and commission of all third-party systems that are used to send this transfer to Company. Currency is USD (US Dollar).
1.5.    Provide Company with all relevant and in-time information on all the operations described in topic 1.2-1.3, also Company may require Agent to attach Western Union receipts and/or other proof/confirmation that transfer has actually been processed.
1.5.1.    After Agent initiates the transfer, Company requires Agent to provide the following information reported by Agent: sender’s full name, sender’s city and state, amount sent, size of fee that was paid to initiate the transfer with the certain third-party organization. Other requirements may be added.
1.6.    Control and double check accuracy of fulfilling topics 1.2.-1.5.
1.7.    Follow the obligations in certain time periods, described in topic II.
1.8.    Never do anything related to mutual business on Agent behalf without Company confirmation and approval.
1.9.    Never reveal Company commercial secret and ‘know-how’ of  this enterprise to third parties without Company consent.
1.10.    Keep Agent’s Paypal account in a good and work standing: account status is VERIFIED and PREMIER. Non-following of this may seriously delay reviewing Agent’s information until measures are done to verify and upgrade the account.
1.11.    Agent must provide true and accurate information ONLY, which may be subject to further verification.

2. Company is obliged to:
2.1.     According to certain time periods described in topic II notify Agent about the concluded deal and Company sale(s).
2.2.     Provide current and on-time Company payment and contact information.
2.3.     If for some reason information is changed, Company notifies Agent about such change providing up-to-date details.
2.4.     Cover the fees to transfer the funds using third-party payment systems.
2.5.     Pay Agent a reward for his services in time and as described in topic II.
2.6.     Control the whole enterprise in general using Internet, phone and other appropriate means.
2.7.     Ship the goods to buyer BEFORE they pay.
2.8.     AFTER goods have been shipped, Company will require Agent to transfer money to Company accounts.
3.    Company reserves the right to verify the information provided by Agent for accuracy and truth, also with help of Company Security Division.
3.1.     Under no condition Company will reveal Agent’s private information to third parties without his consent, excluding situations with police or other law enforcement organization with certain valid permission.
4.    Company reserves the right to edit and place corrections to this Contract which will be in effect in 10 business days after such edition made and Agent accepts and agrees to follow it.

Certain time periods (in business days) and Agent commission percentage.
1.    Company informs Agent regarding the conducted deal right after it has happened and goods are shipped, or notifies Agent about exact date of sale and goods shipment, this is done 5-10 days before the deal takes place.
2.    To transfer the funds from Paypal account to his bank account Agent takes 2-5 business days.
3.    To deposit cashier’s check Agent takes 1-4 days depending on bank conditions.
4.    To cash money order Agent takes 1 business day.
5.    After Agent receives the funds:
5.1.    To prepare and send an international wire transfer Agent takes 1-2 business days.
5.2.    To send the funds by Western Union, Moneygram or alike – 1-2 business days.
5.3.    Exact transfer date may also be mutually confirmed and scheduled separately.
6.    Agent commission is 10% of cashed amount in hand (after Paypal commission).
7.    Amounts of sales may vary in range of $3,000 ... $15,000 depending on sale volume and level of demand.

Force-Majeur (unforeseen situations).
If  the Contract time schedule is broken for some reason, Agent and Company must inform each other in time, exactly:
1.1.    Inform of sudden business/family trip 3 days before it takes place.
1.2.    If it is impossible to initiate the transfer for some reason, Agent has to immediately contact Company.

Troubleshooting, resolving conflict situations and argues.
1.     Solved mutually after discussing and taking appropriate measures.
2.     If parties can not achieve positive decisions, argues are solved by Civil Court according to local and international laws and regulations.
3.    Company reserves the right to cancel this Contract in case of Agent’s non-following or inaccurate following its topics.

Business Taxation.
   All the taxes incurring are paid in full by Company. Agent has no obligation to pay any taxes, including but not limited to state sales taxes, or U.S. federal income taxes that are applicable to related business sales conducted by Company.  Agent will receive confirmation from Company when such tax of any type is paid by Company.

Contract activation.
   This Contract becomes active immediately after Agent signs it. Contract is valid and current within 180 days starting from signature day (Subject to change if mandatory). When the Contract expires, parties may sign it again. Contract may be terminated by any party at any time but with a 2 weeks prior notification.

Parties signatures.

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